Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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National Truck Salvage Notification Centre

The national truck salvage notification centre (CMV) acts in the event of incidents involving trucks as the emergency centre for deploying salvage companies and salvage experts (STI) and is operated for the Stichting Incident Management Vrachtauto’s (STIMVA).

List of certified vehicles

The CMV has a site containing a list of all certified salvage vehicles that provides a complete picture of the salvage vehicles and equipment per salvage company that can be deployed in incidents involving trucks. To consult this site you must log in using an log-in code. This code can only be requested by employees of the STIMVA, CMV and inspectorates. If you would like to request a log-in code, please use our contact form. If you wish to consult the site, click  here


In 2010 the CMV processed 23% more notifications: 875 accidents and 4,280 breakdowns. The number of registered accidents reveals a fall of 16% on the previous year. The number of journeys made by heavy salvage vehicles rose by 23% compare to 2009 to 5,155 journeys.

The actual number of salvage operations reveals a fall of 16% compared to the previous year. The number of wasted journeys increased sharply by 40%, which corresponds with the policy of deploying a salvage vehicle as quickly as possible.

Deploying STI expert

The STI expert advises the emergency services and highways inspector on salvage in the event of an incident involving a truck. In 200 cases an STI expert was on the scene. In 838 cases there was telephone consultation between the CMV and the STI expert, resulting in a decision not to go to the scene. The STI expert was deployed 1038 times, a rise of 8% on 2009. This is reasonably in line with the fall in the number of registered accidents and actual number of salvage operations.

Cause of incidents

The CMV keeps a register of the causes of incidents. In some situations the primary cause is given because there could have been several causes. The unknown causes are omitted from this analysis.

This analysis reveals that tyre problems (28%) is the main cause of accidents with a counterparty (11%), followed closely by engine problems (10%). When categorising the other causes, various technical problems, in addition to those cited above, make up 34% of the incidents. The same picture emerges for foreign vehicles

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