Wednesday, October 20, 2021

STIMVA policy

The STIMVA Works according to various regulations, rules and directives as stated below.

Approval process for heavy salvage vehicles

As a salvage company to be eligible for an exemption for heavy salvage vehicles, the salvage company must undergo different steps.  Click here for more information


National Truck Regulations (LVR)

The LVR concerns the deployment of a certified truck salvage company in truck incidents.  Read further



General state conditions for granting assignments to perform services 2008 (ARVODI-2008).  Read further

Complaints rule

Do you wish to know more about the complaints rule concerning Incident Management for trucks?  Read further


Directive on Van Lettering

The directive reveals how the lettering on the van must be executed.  Read further

Heavy salvage; certification & qualification

What are the requirements for heavy salvage?  Read further. See also erratum (May 2012). 

Heavy salvage; the requirements

To ensure the quality of heavy salvage Rijkswaterstaat has contracts with salvage companies certified according to the Requirements for Heavy Salvage.  Read furtherSee also erratum (May 2012).  

Directive for Descriptive Location System

The descriptive location system (BPS) is a clear way of describing locations on roads and was developed as a tool for everyone that does more than drive on a road.  Read further

Directive for accelerated and delayed salvage of trucks

An incident involving trucks often results in long and lengthy traffic jams and thus cause considerable economic damage. This directive contains the procedures and practical application of the accelerated and delayed method of salvage.  Read further   

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