Thursday, September 23, 2021

What is the STIMVA?

The Stichting Incident Management Vrachtauto’s (STIMVA) is a partnership of the Association of Insurance Companies, the sector organisations Transport Logistiek Nederland (TLN), the organisation representing logistics and transport companies (EVO) and Koninklijk Nederlands Vervoer (KNV).

These parties have declared themselves willing to be responsible for the organisation and operation of a central notification point for truck salvage on the highways network and for the availability of IM experts. The salvage companies for the heavy salvage work are selected by Rijkswaterstaat on the basis of the industry’s own requirements and criteria.


The STIMVA aims to improve the processing of incidents involving trucks (as in accidents, stranded vehicles, height notifications or spilled cargo) on the Dutch road network.

The association aims to achieve this by:

  1. promoting cooperation between government and industry;
  2. the organisation and operation of a central notification centre for truck salvage (CMV);
  3. informing both the public and private sector on the possibilities of Incident Management (IM) for trucks through developing training and promotion material among other things;
  4. ensuring quality, speed and care in carrying out assistance in incidents, whereby trucks are involved in any way;
  5. performing all other activities that help realise the goal of the STIMVA.

Successful cooperation

Cooperation has considerably reduced the time it takes to process incidents involving trucks on the highways, with favourable effects on the duration of the traffic jam. At the same time the structural focus on the method of processing incidents has enable further professionalization among the salvage companies. Expanding the IM approach to other roads than the current Dutch highways network will reinforce these positive effects. Of course, not all the negative effects that result from incidents involving trucks can be negated but they are more manageable and can be more often contained within the denominator ‘sound business risk’.

Still plenty of ambition

The role of the STIMVA is not yet played out. There is still much to be gained in processing incidents. A correct request procedure and good registration are the core elements of this. At the same time, the further deployment of (new) techniques (like cameras) can improve the speed and completeness of the information. De STIMVA can also play a greater role in the correct, actual notification about the scope and consequences of incidents involving trucks. By using these experiences in preventive measures, this will contribute to fewer incidents and less damage, which is positive for all parties involved in the road transport sector. And for the Dutch economy. For all of us.

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